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Illustrated Witman case timeline and evidence

George Matheis, Jr., retired MD police officer and edge weapon expert reviews the crime scene

Photos of Back Door

The prosecution claimed Zach went through these doors to bury the knife.  Where is the blood?

Timeline Disproves Prosecution Theory

On October 2, 1998, Greg, 13 years- old, arrives home approx. 3:10 pm.

Erynn Jeffery, Greg’s friend, calls the Witman home at 3:15 pm. Zach, 15 years old, home from school sick and sleeping in his parent’s bedroom, answers upstairs phone. He tells Jeffery that his brother has not arrived home as of yet.

Forensic Science Report Exposes Reasonable Doubt in Witman Case

"...No conclusive scientific evidence exists which signify Zachary committed this crime...."

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Dr. Henry Lee Forensic Science Report on Crime Scene Evidence

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Statement of Erynn Jeffery

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