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Zach Witman: 'Take a second look'

The 27-year-old, serving life in prison, says he didn't kill his brother in 1998. His parents say evidence not heard at trial could help clear him if a court grants him a new trial.

By Rick Lee and Teresa Ann Boeckel, Daily Record/Sunday News, 12/21/2010 06:24:04 PM EST

Ron and Sue Witman say they would exhume their son Gregory's body if it would help prove
their other son, Zachary, was not the person who stabbed Gregory to death.

York, PA

Ronald and Amelia "Sue" Witman still live in the middle-class, suburban New Freedom home where their 13-year-old son, Gregory, was murdered on Oct. 2, 1998.

Since then, their world has shrunk. They've lost friends who could not understand their unwavering belief that their older son, Zachary, did not kill his brother. They've been told by strangers to "just get over it" and get on with their lives.

But they can't.

They say Zach could not have stabbed and slashed Greg more than 100 times -- 65 times to the neck -- and nearly decapitated him with a flimsy penknife.

They say he could not have killed Greg and buried the murder weapon in 7 1/2 minutes, and, in the middle of that, still sounded normal when he answered a phone call from one of Greg's friends.

They say Zach had no reason to kill Greg. The boys loved one another, and Zach had never been in trouble.

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